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I am a 2007 graduate of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, an Integrative approach to healing and balancing the body's natural energy systems to promote harmony and health.  I also became a certified teacher of Energy Medicine for Women in 2009.

Starting in 2009, I plan to be conducting classes in the Southeast specializing in Energy Medicine for Women.  Individuals or groups wishing to plan weekend,  1-day,  or 2-day classes should contact me at 423-762-3220 after 11.30 AM or send an email to   Cities targeted for classes are near Chattanooga, TN; Birmingham, AL; Atlanta, GA; Knoxville, TN; Nashville, TN, and other areas as arranged.

I am located near Chattanooga, TN, in northwest GA. The location is convenient to the area where TN, GA and AL meet, and is close to Interstates 75, 59 and 24.
It is approximately a two hour drive from Knoxville, Birmingham, Nashville, and Marietta, and about 20 minutes from Chattanooga.

Phone: 423-762-3220 after 11:30 AM

"I feel excited and proud to be able to share these non-invasive, non-drug related, joyous, self-empowering techniques with my clients." 

Please refer to "EM appointment" in the subject line of emails.

Email me at

Fees: $150 for the 90-120 minute initial session, $100 for subsequent sessions, unless otherwise arranged in advance.  A Personalized Energy "Play" Session will be designed for
each client to use at home after each session. 
Classes by arrangement.

A brief description of chi, the life energy that flows through all living things:  
Keeping your body's subtle energies flowing properly is crucial to good health and peace of mind. Just as the blood vessels carry blood and the nerves conduct electrical impulses, there are also subtle energies, called chi, qi or ki in the East. These energies should flow like a river through your body, but they can become blocked, stagnant or frozen when you are stressed or sick. Both Acupuncture and Acupressure are proven Oriental Medicine techniques based on working with these energies. If you have ever taken tai chi, aikido, or qigong, to name a few, you were working with regulating the energies of chi. Yoga similarly balances your "prana"--which is another word for the subtle "chi" energy.   Energy Medicine helps you balance and harmonize your own individual energetic system for maximum health and well-being.

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